Elephant Education Initiative

Intern with elei

Internship Job Description: ELEI interns will be assigned a country in Africa or Asia with elephant populations and more critically, a high level of human elephant conflict. The student will be asked to research the current data around elephant statistics, local communities, political and environmental issues, national parks and regulations, cultural beliefs and much more. At the end of the semester, the student will be asked to create a special page of this information on our website and the option to upload their own blog feed around these issues. We invite the student to be interactive, creative, and driven molding this project as they navigate through the semester.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gaining historical, political, and cultural understanding of country assigned

  • Deeper understanding of the complexities with conservation issues between humans and wildlife

  • Possibility of collaborating with other nonprofits in the field of the country assigned

  • Learning how to collect data and analysis

  • Learning how to read and cite academic journals

  • Learning how to build a blog

Check-In Schedule: The intern will contact ELEI supervisor on a daily or weekly basis as needed; phone meetings will be held once per week; in person meetings will be help once per month or more as needed.

Class Credits: This internship will account for 3 class credits. The student will achieve 150 working hours; 10 hours per week. This internship is unpaid.