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Thailand INsider Wellness Retreat

in collaboration with the Tourism Authority of Thailand

September 15-21, 2019/ Koh Samui, Thailand

All-Inclusive $1,800 per person / $3,200 per couple

Yoga, Muay Thai & Elephants

For all ages, genders and levels of experience…come one, come all!

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  • 6 Nights / 5 Days Accommodation at Absolute Sanctuary

  • 3 Daily Fresh Meals

  • Daily Muay Thai Sessions

  • Daily Yoga + Meditation Practices

  • 2 Island Excursions

  • Trip to Koh Samui Elephant Sanctuary

  • Hyperfly Welcome Bag

  • Airport Transportation


THE retreat


Muay Thai

The Muay Thai sessions will be held at Yodyut Muay Thai gym, home of female fighter Mia Kang. A typical class consists of the following:

  • Shadow boxing

  • Pad work with a trainer, everyone gets to do pad work in every class

  • Bag work

  • Technique practice

  • Sparring, either Thai sparring or Boxing sparring

  • Clinching

  • Bag drills

  • Strength and conditioning



Yoga will be each day at Absolute Sanctuary. You can experience a mix of power yoga in the morning and gentle yoga in the evening. Heather Kasey, yoga instructor and founder of ELEI, will be teaching the yoga classes.

  • The Power Flow Yoga classes will energize you and each flow will focus on stability, strength, and flexibility.

  • The Gentle Restorative Flow classes will prepare your body for a deep relaxation and focus on activating the parasympathetic nervous system, offering general feel-good poses for the mind, body, and spirit.


The Elephants


ELEI, Elephant Education Initiative

At ELEI, we have chosen to work with Save the Elephant Foundation because we trust the practices and the ways in which the elephants are cared for, and how the organization gives back to the local communities. We believe they are leaders in teaching the Thai people a new way to interact and care for their elephants.

There are a limited number of asian elephants (around 30-40,000) left in the wild. The ones that are no longer wild have been domesticated for tourism. ELEI will be meeting elephants who have been rescued from inhumane practices.

Specific projects focus on slightly different aspects of elephant care and integration with the locals communities like the Karen tribe. In conservation, we cannot care for the elephants without also taking care of the communities that share the same land.


Samui Elephant Sanctuary

Samui Elephant Sanctuary is the first elephant sanctuary of its kind , to Koh Samui in Southern Thailand.

Their concept of elephant care is inspired and supported by Lek Chailert, world renowned elephant conservationist and the founder of Save the Elephant Foundation and Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai. Lek is at the forefront of changing elephant tourism in both Thailand and throughout Asia.

Samui Elephant Sanctuary offers tours that educate the importance of elephants with a unique opportunity to walk and observe the elephants as they forage, socialize, and play. The elephants at the sanctuary have previously worked in the tourism industry before being rescued.


THE Location

Koh Samui, Thailand


Samui is one of the most popular places to visit in Thailand because of its wonderful nature, including white beaches, clear seas, waterfalls and spectacular viewpoints, as well as its beautiful temple and numerous activities for tourists to enjoy. The island has an airport and a vast array of accommodation options, which makes it a great travel destination.

Samui is now the main travel hotspot of the southern areas of Thailand’s Gulf. There are so many beautiful beaches here like Chaweng, Lamai, Taling Ngam, and Natien. Besides plentiful nature, the island is also full of history and culture.

Activities around Koh Samui include cooking courses, yoga instruction, Muay Thai training, scuba diving, and golf. Koh Samui has developed into its own style of island paradise, retaining much of its natural beauty while offering nearly every imaginable activity or service for the ultimate beach holiday.



Absolute Sanctuary


Absolute Sanctuary is Asia’s top wellness resort for fitness, health , lifestyle, weight management and more, managed by AUMA Hospitality.

They pride themselves in being the only wellness fitness resort in Asia. They are the creators of award-winning guest experiences. Their crafted programs leverage on their expertise in yoga, pilates, core programs and healthy food programs from being part of ABSOLUTE YOU, the largest health & lifestyle brand in Thailand, to produce effective results.

Absolute Sanctuary is the place to reconnect with yourself, recharge, revitalize & re-energize.


Meet our Sponsors


HyperFly was founded in 2011. HyperFly is more than a MMA apparel brand. The story of Hyperfly’s journey connects deeply to its mantra, You Can’t Teach Heart.®. As authenticity, diligence, and perseverance have become the core values of the company, HyperFly has been able to create a community of fighters who share the same DNA.

To have heart is more than to practice discipline. It’s to push yourself even harder when everyone else quits. It’s to put in the work that no one else is willing to. It is not about how many wins you have or medals around your neck, but about what you give of yourself in battle. It’s to live past the materialistic world of imaginary status and to bring your authentic greatness as a contribution to the world. It’s to fight for honors, not for gold.

This is our journey. This is HyperFly.


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Mia Kang is half South Korean, half British, and born in Hong Kong. Mia started modeling at age 13. Mia has worked in cities across the world such as London, Tokyo, Hamburg, Seoul, Los Angeles, Milan, Dubai, Singapore, Miami and many more. Now Mia is based between Hong Kong and New York working in both fashion and commercial markets and aims to represent Hong Kong on a global scale.


Keenan Cornelius is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner originally from Hawaii and currently based in San Diego, California. His competitive achievements include what has been called a "grand slam" in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, having won double gold medals at four major tournaments: the World Jiu-Jitsu Championship, Pan-American Championship, European Open Championship, and Brazilian National Jiu-Jitsu Championship - as a brown belt. He is also known for his creation of guard techniques such as the Worm Guard


Muhamed Aly is a Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt under Lloyd Irvin, and a former student of Everaldo Penco as well as Antônio Rogério & Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira. Aly made a name for himself in the lower belt divisions of the sport, particularly in the brown belt category where he conquered important titles such as IBJJF World Champion, European Open Champion, as well as Pan American (No Gi) and American National Champion.


Erin Herle is an American born, Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt under Rubens Charles (Cobrinha) having also worked extensively with other legendary instructors such as Rômulo Barral and Marcelo Garcia. A member of the Alliance team, Herle conquered many important titles in this sport/martial art’s competitive circuit including at the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) World No-Gi, European Open and South American Championship. Erin has also been revered for her work promoting the #SubmitTheStigma campaign, a non profit endeavor founded by Herle designated towards the grappling community and designed to raise awareness to mental illness and suicide.